(KREMATED, Live at Camden Unicorn Nov 2014, 50th show and Jimmy's farewell gig)
“Demonstrating the measured calm that can only come from a frontman whose first words to the audience were “I’ve had enough!” Kremated unleashed a set of thrash-punk with Strapping Young Lad’s pyroclastic torrent of screamed anger. Rage is such a common theme of metal that it’s easy to become jaded, but vocalist Pete Dee is one of the few who can still seem genuinely aggressive behind a microphone despite his wry and affable stage banter. Equipped with fast riffs that were as sharp as their vitriolic lyrics, this was both a worthy farewell to departing drummer Jimmy Martin and a bright portent for Kremated’s future.”
- Nicholas Cleeve, (Nov 05, 2014)

(KREMATED, Live at Birmingham Roadhouse Oct 2014)
"When your first song is called “Total Warfare” and your second is “Three Minute Warning” you are only going to sound one way – indeed you should only sound one way – and happily Londoners Kremated do not disappoint. Superb, fast old skool hardcore thrash metal, all of which is delivered by the extremely impressively bearded Pete Dee on vokills (sic) as though as his life depends on it. Music the way it used to be made, and still would be if most modern thrash had any balls – hell, they even dedicate “Bastards” to their friends the headliners. Even a stand-in bass player can’t tame them. As they say themselves: Thrash. Ain’t. Dead."
"Like being glassed by your new favourite band."
- Andy Thorley, (Aug 22, 2014)

(KREMATED, Live at Camden Underworld Feb 2014, supp Toxic Holocaust and Exhumed)
"Tonight is a triple bill of crossover thrash that could easily be labelled as the 'Done It, Doing It & Will Do it' considering the nature of each bands career. The venue is a veritable jungle of battle jackets, denim, studs and hair as local thrashers Kremated ('will do it') to get the ball rolling and have obviously brought friends and fans in mass judging by the enthusiastic response from the first power-chord and the jovial mosh pit that starts halfway through the first song; makes a change from the support band receiving apathetic stares from the bar. Aided and abetted by the front man Pete Dee’s banter with the assembled throng provides a cheerful atmosphere but the performance is all business with high quality up tempo tight thrash anthems including 'Thrash Aint Dead' and 'Bastards' but it’s the debut of a brand new song that sees them step up another level. Stand-up comic Andrew O’Neill head banging front row center must count as a seal of approval!"
- Andrew Rawlinson, Echoes And Dust (Feb 26 2014)

(KREMATED, Live at Bloodstock Festival August 2013)
“Now there's a couple of bands I was looking forward to seeing on this day. I had no idea it was going to go this way. Kremated kicked things off. "Thrash Ain't Dead!" yells Pete Dee. How right he is. Off the back of what can only be described as the biggest crowd in the New Blood Stage at this years Bloodstock, Kremated seamlessly blend Old School Thrash with British Punk. Something I haven't seen done well in 20 years or so.”
- Will Tudor, e-Festivals (Aug 30, 2013)

(KREMATED, Live at Bloodstock Festival August 2013)
“Kremated (9), however, are in the mood to destroy. A horrible blend of old-school thrash and filthy punk is exactly what the New Blood stage wanted for lunch and the carnage is beautiful. I think the thrash-fest on the main stage today made them the perfect opening act and they don't fuck around when their 30 minutes comes around. Neon Halo (7) don't make anywhere near as much impact. It's a spirited showing of gnarly death metal but can't get anywhere near the previous bands manic endeavour.”
- Ben Alexander, Scribes Of Metal (Sep 25, 2013)

(KREMATED, Live at Bloodstock Festival August 2013)
“South London-based thrash quartet Kremated spice up their old-school, high-velocity assault with a generous helping of snarling hardcore punk attitude, and during their time on the New Blood Stage, they waste no time in getting the crowd involved. Vocalist/guitarist Pete Dee’s on-stage banter is inclusive and insistent, good-naturedly goading the audience to greater levels of participation. Their crunchy, catchy material does the rest of the work for them, D-beat laced thrash anthems seemingly written specifically to bypass higher brain function in favour of tweaking the ‘get in a pit and love somebody’ synapses. As charging and aggressive as Kremated‘s songs are, there’s an infectious vein of carefree abandon and party attitude shot through them. By the time the band play their signature anthem ‘Thrash Ain’t Dead’, this blend of headlong thrashing and devil-may-care attitude has done its job admirably, and the New Blood Stage is a sweaty, swirling mess of yelling pit”
- Philip Whitehouse, (Oct 09, 2013)

(KREMATED, Live at Fox and Firkin, March 2013)
“If there are any young bands out there looking to copy a work ethic then they should look no further than dirty thrash merchants KREMATED (7.5). Barely eighteen months have passed since their formation but in that time they have established a strong local following, played around the country, released a well received mini-album, began work on a full album and very recently were added to this years Bloodstock festival line-up. As usual Kremated attack the crowd with the likes of "I've Had Enough" and "Total Warfare" which tonight sound and feel like the soundtrack to a North Korea v USA war delivered with a snotty bluster we've all come to expect. Armed with new bass player Marcus Bjoro the band sound re-energised and new track "Death Is The Answer" has some chugging riffs to die for aside some skin cutting melodies, leaving half the crowd with aching necks and spilt drinks. Thrash will never be dead as long as Kremated get their way.”
- Alan Hicks, Metalmouth (Apr 07, 2013)

(KREMATED, Live at Beermageddon Festival August 2013)
"So the second day began as it meant to go on with a fast, ferocious set from Kremated, old school thrash which was brilliantly executed. Another plus point for Beermageddon..."
- Tony Gaskin, Midlands Rocks (Sep 07, 2013)

(KREMATED, Live at Beermageddon Festival August 2013)
"Kremated T- shirts were abound at Beermageddon – worn by many a true fan. Deservedly so, they pre warned everybody they were going to wake up Saturday – and by Hell they certainly did. Bloodstock set and much more this year, Kremated are creating a stir, no doubt in your nether regions, full heavy MF’s in your face."
- Nicki Petcher, Metal Family (Sep 06, 2013)

KREMATED 'Thrash Ain't Dead'
The single from the upcoming album 'Total Warfare' due for release in September pretty much sums up what Kremated is about, 'Thrash Ain't Dead' brings out the fast sleaze in the Thrash Metal embodiment and turns it up to past 13. With Slayer style riffing leading the assault and heavy balls supporting the crazy sound witnessed, Kremated are driving the original 1980's sound to a newer level and pushing it into the modern arena, by inserting breakdowns towards the end of the track it is without wonder that South London has a no go zone on it, the place is now radioactive thanks to this nuclear powered band.
Rhys Stevenson - Global Metal Apocalypse

(KREMATED, Live 26 May 2012)
“...they are really something to behold, their punked up euro-thrash decimating all before them. In front man Pete Dee they have
this conduit of power and aggression which is spat so effectively into each and every person in the room you almost get the urge to riot. Every sneer and growl compliments the filthy leads. This isn't the clean and mechanically enhanced sound of thrash in 2012 but the dark, guttural and dirty thrash that exploded out of the sweat box venues of the early eighties and in today's climate sounds fresher than ever. Thrash may not be dead but Kremated are here to make bloody sure it doesn't sound like it's been edited for Kerrang radio.”
Alan Hicks - Rock Matrix

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