Kremated are a London-based Thrash Metal band. They have built up a strong following for their uncompromising and brutal live shows and their two well received albums "Total Warfare" (2012) and "Three Minute Warning" (2014). Kremated don't do subtlety, this is "in your face" Thrash, with solid, fast riffing, focusing on the power and brute force of the old days, mixing in a drop of New York Hardcore to make it even more powerful. Musically, the idea was to create the band "we'd most like to see live", combining a mass of influences such as Celtic Frost, Voivod, Kreator, Venom, Knuckledust, Anthrax, Discharge, Terror, Sodom, Destruction and many others.The band's motto is "Thrash Ain't Dead", and they intend to prove it.
This is ugly, powerful Thrash Metal, played from the heart, and it shows.
"Inspired crossover" (Metal Hammer).

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